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Residential Home Inspections

A residential home inspection is a visual, non-invasive inspection of many different components of the home. A highly trained and certified home inspector will examine the home from the foundation to the roof, where accessible and safe to do so. This includes electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC equipment, and more.

Wind Mitigation Inspections

Wind Mitigation Inspections are a Florida state standard form that tells home insurance underwriters what type of wind mitigating materials your home is constructed with, often resulting in a discount in your insurance premium.

4 Point Inspections

Roof, plumbing, electric and AC are the 4 main points of a four-point inspection in Florida because those parts are the most needed and used in the home. Often required by banks and insurance companies to evaluate the condition of your property.

New Home Inspections

New homes are not imune to defects and may not be built according to your specifications. Your home is a huge investment, make sure it’s done right.

WDO Inspections

We are InterNACHI certified to perform Wood Destroying Organism Inspections.

With over 30 years of experience in residential construction, we have the knowledge that is required to accurately evaluate your home to find any defects or imperfections that fall within the scope of a visual, non-invasive inspection. We use a combination of modern technology combined with good old fashioned know-how to arrive at a fair and honest evaluation of the home. We look forward to the privilege of being your inspector and working with you.

Know in advance what your inspection will cost-

Inspection Picture Samples

Water pressure gauge showing normal pressure

Missing-Improper location of Alarm Sensor Magnet

Ground Fault Circuit Tester showing normal reading.

Removal of Electrical Panel cover to inspect wiring.

Water temperature being measured at the faucet.

Missing Roof Shingle can be a potential source of a leak.

Improper wiring can create a shock hazard .

Attic Insulation inspected and measured for R value.

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Our mission at Sea Pearl Inspections is to provide excellent, quick, and competitively priced service while keeping the highest levels of professionalism and customer courtesy. Sea Pearl Inspections will allow inspections to be scheduled at a time that is convenient for our customers, and ensure prompt delivery of our inspection reports. 

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